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Start-Up & Winterization

Proper closing and opening of your sprinkler system is crucial to ensuring your system functions at peak performance and to prevent possible damage. We go above and beyond to winterize and start-up your system, and warranty our work to give you piece of mind.

  • Turn on water

  • Pressurize sprinkler system

  • Check for leaks inside and at the vacuum breaker

  • Activate controller

  • Check battery back-up and replace if necessary

  • Program watering schedule based on your lawn's needs and weather conditions

  • Turn on and examine each zone to check for leaks and damaged or broken heads

  • Examine spray patterns for each head and make any appropriate adjustments if needed to ensure adequate coverage 

  • Remove sod from around heads*

We do more than just turn on the water! Our professionally trained technicians take the time and care necessary to ensure your system will function properly and efficiently. 

If you do not properly close down your system for winter your chance of freeze damage is almost guaranteed. Don't risk costly repairs.

  • Check system for any leaks or repairs that will need to be made in spring

  • Turn off water to sprinkler system

  • Using an industrial compressor, thoroughly drain all pipes and zones

  • Deactivate controller, remove battery backup

  • Warranty winterization

Want to save money on your start-up and winterization? Check out our Service Contracts to choose a plan that works for your business or household.

Available For Residential and Commerical Systems

*Sod removal around heads for Start-up applies to residential Start-ups only.