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August 8, 2017

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Outdoor Plants for the Garden Challenged

March 9, 2017

Don't have a green thumb? That's ok! There are plenty of hardy plants that require little maintenance while still offering great aesthetic appeal. 


Geraniums - There's a reason geraniums are the number one selling annual. Available in a wide range of colors, geraniums have been a favorite of gardener's for over a century. Tolerant to high heat and dry conditions, they withstand the summer sun and are generally ok if they miss a watering (or two!).



Petunias - Petunias have long been loved for their long life span (they bloom from spring to frost), their limitless range of colors, and low maintenance qualities. A foolproof favorite for gardeners of all skill levels, most petunias are self-cleaning which means there is no dead heading required. With many varieties available, "climbing" varieties can grow up to four feet long, making them great, hassle free, vibrant ground cover. 



Sedums - Sedums range from short ground-covers to midsize clumping plants. Once planted they only need water if they look dry. They are a great plant and forget option for the busy or forgetful gardener. A favorite of butterflies, these drought-tolerant plants require very little care (if any!). Outstanding for cutting and drying, many people find them to be attractive even in winter when their foliage has died. Able to thrive outside in extreme heat or inside as a house plant, sedums are a nice addition to any garden.



Hostas - Hostas are probably on of the easiest plants to grow. They can range in colors from pure green, yellow-green, blue-gray and more. Hostas have long been the heart of many gardens. Varying in size, they are available as tiny plants suitable for rock gardens, to four foot clumps with leaves spanning almost two feet long. The variations seem to be endless with new sizes and foliage features appearing each year. A maintenance free addition to any garden, hostas offer both leafy bright foliage and intensely fragrant flowers. 



Coralbells - Coralbells are easy to grow and a great way to bring some evergreen into your garden. They thrive in full sun and shade and their blooms are a favorite of hummingbirds. The low clumps of long-stemmed foliage the coralbells have, make them a great ground-cover plant.


Weigela - Weigela is a virtually a maintenance free shrub. Loved by butterflies and hummingbirds, there are several varieties with re-bloom abilities to offer you their bright colored flowers all season. Available in large six foot shrubs to small and compact sizes, this versatile flowering shrub is a great maintenance free option for almost any landscape.


Verbena - Typically in white, pink or purple colors verbena make great accent plants. The "Imagination" variety has long been loved for its ability to survive in the hottest and driest conditions. A spreading plant, verbena is great for retaining walls, pots, window boxes and gardens. Offering blooms all summer long, you can rest assured your verbena will survive high heat and missed waterings.


Daylilies - Daylilies are so easy to grow they are often seen in ditches and fields. Their trumpet-shaped blooms are available in a wide variety of colors and grow on leafless stems. Plant and forget, daylilies are a hearty option for adding color to large areas of your yard or garden.


Pentas - One of the best butterfly-attracting plants around, pentas blooms all summer long. Also a favorite of hummingbirds, this plant grows well in containers or in the ground. A hardy plant that thrives in full sun, pentas are also virtually maintenance free, requiring minimal watering based on weather conditions.



DIY Trick: Two Ingredient Bug Replant


With warmer temperatures comes insects. Bug bites are itchy and annoying. While there are a wide variety of repellents available, most a riddled with toxins and chemicals. Here is a two ingredient, effective spray to keep those pests at bay.


What you need:

Small spray bottle (the ones found in travel kits work great)

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil 

Witch Hazel OR Sunflower Oil


Mix 10 parts witch hazel (or sunflower oil) to 1 part lemon eucalyptus oil in spray bottle. Shake well. Spray on exposed skin before going outdoors and apply as needed. 




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