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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there different systems to choose from or are they all the same?

A. While every system Marlo installs is catered to the individual needs of the customer, all systems include the same basic essentials: a controller (which functions as the brains of the system), valves (open and close to release and stop the flow of water to underground pipes) and sprinklers (the mechanism that distributes water to a given area).

Q. How do I know what type of system is best for me?

A. At Marlo we use an irrigation engineer assess your landscape, water source, appropriate pressure, soil type, planting materials and weather conditions. This information is then used to customize the irrigation system being installed at your property. Ensuring your every need is met.

Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than manual sprinklers attached to my water hose?

A. No. In fact, it will conserve water. You'll never have to worry about runoff from over watering or wasting water when you forget to turn off the hose. Systems are designed to give your lawn just the right amount of water needed to be lush, healthy and green.

Q. Does having a sprinkler system really save time?

A. Yes. You won't have to spend another minute of your valuable time watering your lawn. Your new system will do all the watering for you - even when you're away from home.

Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system water as well as I can water by hand?

A. It will do a much better job. A professionally designed system delivers the exact amount of water to your lawn and garden areas. It takes the guess work out knowing when to water and how much.

Q. How much will a good system cost?

A. The price of a system will vary depending on a few factors such as, property size, type of landscaping and special designs. Rest assured you can always count on Marlo to design a cost-effective, eco-friendly system comprised of only quality parts.

Q. We generally get 40 or more inches of rainfall a year. Do we really need a sprinkler system?

A. If it rained at your house every three days - the same exact amount each time - you probably wouldn't need a sprinkler system. Unfortunately, nature doesn't work that way. The only way to ensure a healthy, lush lawn is to make certain your lawn and plants received regular timed, evenly measured amounts of water. In the dry season when there is little or no rain, your yard can suffer damage after just a few days without water.

Q. Will my existing lawn suffer significant damage from installing a sprinkler system? 

A. At Marlo, we take utmost care to limit any damage to your existing lawn and landscape during the installation process. We use a vibratory plow to install the underground piping. This results in minimal (if any) damage to existing turf. Installing an irrigation system  in an existing lawn is like a major surgery for your yard. But like with any surgery, the scars heal over time. On average, most yards are completely healed within 2-3 weeks (many of our yards heal much faster).