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Backflow Testing

Lawn irrigation systems can backflow contaminated water into your drinking water. In order to prevent this, ordinances and codes require sprinkler systems be protected with a backflow preventer. 

Backflow events do occur. In the United States, there are documented cases of illness, injury and even death resulting from backflow of hazardous substances. Recognizing the risk, state and local regulations require water systems be protected from cross connections and backflow contamination. 

Each City, Township or Village has their own mandates for how often your backlow preventer needs to be tested. You should receive a notice when it is time for your system to be tested, but can always call your local DPW or City Hall to inquire. Backflow testing must be done by a Certified Backflow Tester. Marlo staffs certified testers for this reason. Need your backflow tested? Give us a call to get it scheduled today. 

Don't risk having your water shut off!

Failure to get your backflow tested within the time frame given by your local ordinance can result in having your water shut off.

Get the "Marlo Difference"

We make getting your backflow tested hassle free and convenient. 

  • You do NOT have to be home. Our testers can access everything they need from outside your home. This means you don't have to take time from your busy schedule to accommodate an appointment time. 

  • We send your documentation directly to your municipal/DPW office. We do the leg work for you. We send your pass certificate directly to the authority requiring testing and send you a copy too.

  • State Certified. You must receive certification from the state in which you reside in to be a backflow tester. Test results from a non-certified person are not accepted and could cause your water to be turned off. Marlo employs several state certified backflow testers.

  • Courteous, professional and experienced. Our backflow testers do much more than just that. They are also on our service and install crew. This ensures; should you have any questions (about any part of your system, not just the backflow) they can competently answer and explain things to you. And knowing customer service is always number one, they will do so in a courteous and professional manner.